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Do I hate when people say TGIF? Yes. Am I happy that it's Friday and a payday? YESSSSS! I am so looking forward to the weekend. It's pretty busy though. Tonight we're going to Sidekicks in KC for a drag show fundraiser for KCAVP. Tomorrow T's mom is coming to our house for a hair braiding party. Should be pretty fun and interesting. I am so lucky to have such a great mother-in-law. I heart her and she hearts me and she is quite entertaining. So we'll have good food and company tomorrow during the day. Then tomorrow night we head back to KCK (big ups to the dotte, my hometown) to hang out with T's bff Sheila and her husband William. Then Sunday is more gay action with a meeting for the KS Coalition for LGBT Equal rights.
In other unrelated news, I want to go to get a mini-fridge for my office. Most everyone here with an office has one, so now I must conform. I actually would like to put my pop, lunch and snacks in there and keep it in my office. I've had a few things disappear from the client fridge, so this is a better alternative. How lazy though! Man, have I mentioned that I hate working late on Friday night? BOOOOOOOO. Well, TGIF. :)
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