Bridget (bridgetdizzle) wrote,

Baby makin' time!

That's cause we both get the day off for the 2nd IUI. This morning, on CD17, I got a + on the OPK. I was soooooo excited when I saw the monitor this morning and knew that I would not be going to work on Thursday! Thank you higher power. I am a bit frustrated today at Medicaid and billing and such. They make it hard for a social worker to get her work done with as little stress as possible. GRRRRR!!!!!T talked to her mom last night about x-mas. We were hoping on a drama free x-mas, but when family is involved, that's next to impossible. At least we'll get to see T's mom and she is so fun to hang out with. A little draining, but she is so good to us and is so happy about the possibility of being a granny. Not so much looking forward to the 2WW over x-mas though. That's gonna be a tough one.

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