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Today is a good day. I finally got a Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Boring for those of you reading this? Yes. But for me it's very exciting. For me it means that when I'm trying to track my ovulation, I don't have to hold my pee for four hours to take a damn test and I don't have to test at work. I was able to get one off of ebay and the sticks that come with it for over $100 bucks cheaper than if I bought it at the store and it's brand new. In other non-related good news, the Dizz is home and recovering nicely. They gave him a shot yesterday with pain meds for 3 days. (LUCKY!) So he's been pretty much snoozing. I slept on the couch last night with him to make sure he was doing okay and he was being damn cute and snuggly. Hooray for Fridays and paydays!
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